American Lifestyle Magazine

Graphic Design

This project was presented to my by Brian Lichtenthal, a Real Estate agent in New Jersey. He wanted a back cover and a back inside cover to put in American Lifestyle Magazine to send to former clients to keep them updated and in touch with his business. I was more then happy to take on the job, and he was in turn happy with the work I provided. This project as inspired me to take on more magazine type projects. I love everything about typography!

Back Cover. Real Estate Agent wanted to display a quote and list some of his past sales. 
8.635" w x 7.375' h / .125-INCH BLEED/ .375-INCH SAFETY MARGIN 
Inside Back Cover. Testimonials provided by clients of this Real Estate agents expertise. 
Back Inside Cover (8.625' w x 10.375' h)
(.125-inch bleed/.375-inch safety margin)
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